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CASA. 141 FTO.0281



The freedom to navigate

If the Archerfield Training Area isn’t big enough for you, and you want to stretch your wings, it’s time for a Navigation Endorsement.

This Endorsement allows you to pilot an RA-Aus aeroplane outside the 25 nautical mile limit. 

If you wanted to fly to Glen Innes or Emerald, you can do just that.

We teach you the lost art of navigation by clock and compass – so you won’t even need the use of a GPS!

Who is this endorsement for?

If you have a RPC and wish to navigate more than 25nm from your departure point.


12 hours navigation experience including 

2 hours solo navigation.


Private hire a RA-AUS registered aircraft and fly anywhere in Australia.


Flights must take place outside of controlled airspace.